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Degree of Non-Cognition

The exhibition opened on 14 March 2019 was organised by a group of artists in cooperation with the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Nature Education Centre of the Jagiellonian University.

The exhibition features works by: Kristi Arnold, Artur Blusiewicz, Marta Bożyk, Marcin Dymek, Joanna Kaiser, Yoonmi Nam, Katarzyna Skrobiszewska and Monika Bąkowska, who wrote the accompanying text. The exhibition is curated by Katarzyna Skrobiszewska. 

The “Degree of Non-Cognition" exhibition was conceived as the first instalment of a project dealing with the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. As a part of the natural world and being dependent of it, we live in an illusory sense of having knowledge, of being in control of the nature, while its immeasurable areas remain unknown to us. Without seeing them, will we notice when they disappear?

The opening of the exhibition was a unique opportunity to visit the permanent exhibitions of the Nature Education Centre of the Jagiellonian University, made up of the collections of several university museums, the Zoological, Geological, Palaeobotanical and Anthropological Museums, whose history dates back to 1782, when the Cabinet of Natural History of the Jagiellonian University was first established. The collection will be made available to the non-academic public during the Science Festival in Krakow and the Night of Museums on 17 May, and the exhibition itself can be visited until 30 June 2019.