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The Predator and its Prey

The exhibition was opened on 13 March 2018, organised by the Natural Sciences Education Centre, featuring collection borrowed from the National Museum in Kielce and its own collection.

The exhibition is curated by dr Rafał Garlacz. 

The exhibition presents the links between predators, mainly the so-called big cats and bears, as well as their most common prey – mainly ungulates and birds. It is divided into two main blocks, one of which features species of the African savannah, and the other presents animals from the polar and temperate zones in northern and southern hemispheres. The exhibition is also devoted to the issues of animal species protection, paying particular attention to the issue of hunting. Presented specimens are often endangered and protected species, and seeing them up close is a unique opportunity to get to know them while realising, how big of a loss would their annihilation be to our Planet.